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Snow Parking Ban

~Public Notice~


(a) In order to facilitate the cleaning of public streets and to expedite the free flow of vehicular traffic, no person shall park a vehicle on the streets within the Village at such times as two inches of snow has fallen and there is further prospect of further accumulation of snow. All vehicles parked prior to the time weather conditions prohibited parking must be removed by the owners or operators. Any vehicle parked in violation of this prohibition shall be removed at the order of the Mayor and shall subject the owner or operator to the penalty provided herein.

(b) The owners or operators of vehicles shall ascertain whether weather conditions require the removal of their vehicles from Village streets and shall remove all vehicles parked in violation of this section. While the Village will make every effort to inform the public of the existence of weather conditions requiring removal of parked vehicles from Village streets, the owners and operators of motor vehicles on public streets shall have the responsibility to determine existing weather conditions and to remove parked vehicles if the weather conditions are such as require their removal under the provisions of this section. 

(1) After two inches of snow has fallen and there is a prospect of further snowfall, the Mayor shall order the removal of all vehicles parked on Village streets which have not been removed by the owners or operators thereof. Such vehicles shall be removed to a motor vehicle pound as designated by the Mayor at the sole expense of the owner or operator. Records shall be kept by the Village Police Department of all vehicles removed.

(2) The Village Police Department shall use all available means of disseminating information as to the existence of weather conditions requiring removal of parked motor vehicles from the public streets. Such notice shall be disseminated to the radio, newspaper and all other available media to the extent feasible. The dissemination of this information, however shall not relieve the owners or operators of motor vehicles from the responsibility of ascertaining the existence of weather conditions requiring removal of parked motor vehicles from Village streets.

(3) Parking shall be prohibited on all Village streets and highways after two inches of snow has fallen and there is a prospect of further snowfall.

(4) Appropriate signs reading “Parking ban on all Village streets when snow exceeds two inches” shall be posted at the main thoroughfare entrances to the Village.

(c) Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor and subject to a fine together with all towing and impoundment charges.

(Ord. 1071. Passed 9-2-96.) 


Grass & Weed Public Notice

~Public Notice~

This public notice hereby serves as a summary to Chapter 557 of the Village of Geneva-on-the-Lake Codified Ordinances.

 Under Chapter 557, Section 1,


It is stated that no owner, occupant, lessee, agent or any other person having charge or management of any lot or parcel of land located within a residential, commercial, or industrial district, within five (5) days after receiving written notice to do so, shall fail to cut or destroy any noxious (capable of causing skin reactions upon contact or producing or aggravating hay fever, asthma, and allergic respiratory reactions or similar conditions in human beings) or poisonous weeds or vines growing upon any lot or parcel and to prevent the same from blooming, going to seed or exceeding a height of nine inches. It is also stated that weeds and vegetation such as, but not limited to, Russian, Canadian, or common thistle, wild lettuce, wild mustard, wild parsley, ragweed, milk-weed and ironweed, as well as other noxious weeds and grasses growing to a height in excess of nine (9”) inches on any property from the first day of May to the first day of November of each year are a PUBLIC NUISANCE!

 Under Chapter 557, Section 2,


It is stated that owners of trees, shrubs, and plants shall trim such as which overhang or extend over any part of a public sidewalk or street so as to maintain a clearance of eight (8) feet between the street or sidewalk level and the lowermost branches of such. You must provide a clear and unobstructed view of traffic from all directions at any street intersection. It is also stated that you must trim or remove EVERY dead, decayed, or broken tree, shrub, or plant, so that it shall not fall onto a public street or sidewalk.

 Under Chapter 557, Section 6,


Failure to comply will result in the cutting and removal being performed by the Village. Fees will be assessed to the owner at $150 per lot with a minimum charge of $250, plus a 20% administrative fee. In the event the Village is required to employ outside services for the work, the fee will be the actual cost of such contract, plus a 20% administrative fee. 

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Fire Lanterns-ILLEGAL

Per the Geneva-on-the-Lake Police Department…

Fire lanterns are illegal… We realize they look cool and it’s fun to light them up, however, they pose a serious threat, especially in a small town with several buildings. The lanterns catch on rooftops, trees, and in power lines, posing a serious threat to the community.

For additional police safety information and department news, please visit their Facebook page.

Per the Geneva-on-the-Lake Fire Department…

Please read and share along to spread the word. These are a big problem in our village. We have had to many close calls in the last few years.

Ohio Fire Marshal Issues Clarification on “Sky Lanterns”

For additional fire safety information and department news, please visit their Facebook page.

Geneva Township Park

For park information, including pavilion reservations, please visit their new website at

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02/09/16 ***Residential Recycling Has Moved***

Residential ONLY, comingled recycling has MOVED and is now OPEN at our Golf Course parking lot which is located behind Village Hall at 4929 South Warner Drive. This relocation is a result of the upcoming construction of our new Wastewater Treatment Plant Facility.


Residential ONLY, comingled recycling is now OPEN at our Wastewater Treatment Plant which is located at 4843 North Broadway Avenue/Lewis Lane (RT 534). Recycling days and hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM and Saturday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The accepted recyclables at this facility are metal cans, plastic beverage containers, and glass bottles and jars (clear, green, & brown).

Please remember to keep this area clean. No items are to be dropped off outside of the container.

Sticks, leaves, grass clippings, and garden debris may continue to be dropped off at Saybrook Soil and Compost, located at 8050 Depot Road, Ashtabula, Ohio 44004. Please visit our Public Service page for additional information or call their office at (440) 862-2480 with any questions.

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