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Employment Opportunity-Wastewater/Street Dept

Village of Geneva-on-the-Lake Wastewater/Street Department Laborer


The Village of Geneva-on-the-Lake is seeking a Laborer for the Street Department/Wastewater Department. Responsibilities include operating light equipment, hand tools, and manual equipment.  Work is related to the maintenance of the wastewater system, streets, stormwater, equipment, buildings & grounds.  Successful applicant will be expected to complete projects under supervision of the Wastewater Department Supervisor and Village Administrator. A complete description of requirements and responsibilities can be found here.  A valid driver’s license is required. 

An application for employment can be found here or picked up at the Village Hall, 4929 South Warner Drive, Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio.  Salary based on experience, includes medical and PERS retirement benefits. For questions contact Village Administrator at or 440-466-8197


Jeremy Shaffer

Village Administrator

Notice of Public Hearing

A public hearing will be held for the purpose of hearing comments from the public on the proposed Ordinance 2019-43 amending Chapter 1121 of the zoning code governing residential districts and the proposed Ordinance 2019-47 amending zoning map to modify Residential, RBRR1 and RBRR2 districts.  

The Public Hearing will be held on Monday, July 22, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers located at Geneva on the Lake Village Hall, 4929 South Warner Dr., Geneva on the Lake, OH 44041. A copy of the proposed changes are available for viewing at the Office of the Fiscal Officer.

Kimberly A. McKinley

Fiscal Officer

Publish 6.21.19

Affidavit of Publication Required

Funding Information-Lead Paint Removal

2020 Property Revaluation

  • Ohio law requires that all County Auditors conduct a county wide reappraisal every six years. Ashtabula County’s last reappraisal was effective for tax year 2014, collection year 2015. The process has now begun for the next reappraisal which will be effective for tax year 2020, collection year 2021.
  • The lengthy reappraisal process involves a physical viewing of each property to ensure as much accuracy as possible in regard to placing a fair market value on a property. “With nearly 80,000 parcels in Ashtabula County, this is a huge project and one which greatly benefits our county”, shared Auditor David Thomas. Appraisers may personally visit individual properties to update and verify data but will visually look at every parcel.
  • The Auditor has contracted with Integrity Appraisal Services of Youngstown, Ohio to perform the appraisal of all properties. Before Integrity canvases a neighborhood, the Auditor’s Office will contact local authorities and entities to inform them of the vehicles and personnel. All vehicles will be specially marked as well as individuals having Auditor identification.
  • The appraisers will be inspecting outside of properties to ensure condition and property structures. Appraisers may knock on your door to ask questions or to check changes in structures.

UPDATED 6/4/2019-Village of Geneva-on-the-Lake Compost Program

Need to get rid of your sticks, leaves, grass clippings and garden debris?

Keep your yard and the Village clean by composting your sticks, leaves, and garden waste. Village Residents (must show proof – e.g., utility bill) may drop off these items at no charge to: Saybrook Soil & Compost located at 8050 Depot Road, Ashtabula, Ohio 44004

They can also be reached by phone at (440) 862-2480.

Type 1 Material – Leaves, Grass, Clippings and Garden Debris. They may be accepted in biodegradable yard bags or loose. Absolutely NO plastic bags or household garbage will be accepted.

Type 2 Material – Sticks, Tree Branches, Shrubs and Plants. Please do not comingle Type 1 and Type 2 materials.

Drop off Times

Summer (April – November) Wednesday – Sunday 10 AM – 4 PM

Winter (December – March) Wednesday – Friday 10 AM – 4 PM

Winter Weekend Hours and other hours are available by appointment.

2019 Summer Food Program

Employment Opportunities-Golf Course

ACDES S.R. 531 Waterline Replacement Project Has Begun

Grass & Weed Public Notice

~Public Notice~

This public notice hereby serves as a summary to Chapter 557 of the Village of Geneva-on-the-Lake Codified Ordinances.

 Under Chapter 557, Section 1,


It is stated that no owner, occupant, lessee, agent or any other person having charge or management of any lot or parcel of land located within a residential, commercial, or industrial district, within five (5) days after receiving written notice to do so, shall fail to cut or destroy any noxious (capable of causing skin reactions upon contact or producing or aggravating hay fever, asthma, and allergic respiratory reactions or similar conditions in human beings) or poisonous weeds or vines growing upon any lot or parcel and to prevent the same from blooming, going to seed or exceeding a height of nine inches. It is also stated that weeds and vegetation such as, but not limited to, Russian, Canadian, or common thistle, wild lettuce, wild mustard, wild parsley, ragweed, milk-weed and ironweed, as well as other noxious weeds and grasses growing to a height in excess of nine (9”) inches on any property from the first day of May to the first day of November of each year are a PUBLIC NUISANCE!

 Under Chapter 557, Section 2,


It is stated that owners of trees, shrubs, and plants shall trim such as which overhang or extend over any part of a public sidewalk or street so as to maintain a clearance of eight (8) feet between the street or sidewalk level and the lowermost branches of such. You must provide a clear and unobstructed view of traffic from all directions at any street intersection. It is also stated that you must trim or remove EVERY dead, decayed, or broken tree, shrub, or plant, so that it shall not fall onto a public street or sidewalk.

 Under Chapter 557, Section 6,


Failure to comply will result in the cutting and removal being performed by the Village. Fees will be assessed to the owner at $150 per lot with a minimum charge of $250, plus a 20% administrative fee. In the event the Village is required to employ outside services for the work, the fee will be the actual cost of such contract, plus a 20% administrative fee. 

Geneva Township Park

For park information, including pavilion reservations, please visit their new website at

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