The Village of Geneva~on~the~Lake operates under a “Mayor, Administrator, Council” form of government. The Mayor, being the chief executive of the village, is responsible for the supervision of the administration and for reporting the financial status and general condition of the village to council. He performs those duties established by village council, including presiding over council meetings and signing various legal instruments as required by local and state law. In addition, the Mayor serves as the director of public safety (police & fire departments) and oversees the enforcement of the laws and ordinances of the Village of Geneva~on~the~Lake. He works closely with council to enact those laws. The position of Mayor in the Village of Geneva~on~the~Lake is a part-time, elected position, with a four year term. 

Dwayne M. Bennett, Sr. is the Village of Geneva~on~the~Lake Mayor. He was elected to the position for his second term in 2019. His office hours vary, but he is generally available on Thursday mornings from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. He can be reached at (440) 466-8197 ext. 102.

Village Administrator

The administrator oversees all departments with the exception of Police and Fire Departments. This position is under the direction and supervision of the Mayor with respect to administrative matters.  The Council also has legislative control and direction over the administrator with regards to matters concerning Council. The Administrator performs the following duties:

  • Directs and supervises the administration of all departments, offices and agencies of the Village (i.e., day-to-day operational management and supervision of the Public Service, Parks [Golf Course] and other administrative departments);
  • Performs all personnel functions such as appointment, promotion, disciplinary action, and evaluation of all municipal employees except Police and Fire Department personnel;
  • Oversees the administration, enforcement and execution of the laws, the provisions of the Ordinances and  Resolutions of Council;
  • Advises Council as to the financial condition of the Village and assists in preparing the Annual Budget with the Mayor and Fiscal Officer;
  • Executes contracts and agreements on behalf of the Village;
  • Is the primary contact and leader in local economic development for the Village;
  • Prepares and submits grant and loan applications for Federal, State and Local agencies on behalf of the Village;
  • Hears complaints and suggestions from residents and works towards acceptable solutions.

Jeremy Shaffer is the Village of Geneva-on-the-Lake Administrator and Jessi Spurlock is the Deputy Village Administrator. Their office hours vary, often depending on their fieldwork. Jeremy and Jessi are also both Village Zoning Inspectors and can be reached at (440) 466-8197 ext. 103. Please see the Zoning page for additional information.

Fiscal Officer/Clerk of Council/Tax Administrator

The fiscal officer is the chief financial officer of the village and the clerk for the village council. The fiscal officer performs all the day-to-day matters of accounting, budgeting, and tax administration. The Village of Geneva~on~the~Lake derives revenues from income tax, property tax, bedtax, licenses, fees and permits. The clerk attends all meetings of council, keeps such records and performs all other duties prescribed by council and the laws of the State of Ohio. 

Tammy Caya is the Fiscal Officer. Her office hours vary. For general tax information and/or questions,  she can be reached at (440) 466-8197 ext. 104. 

The Village of Geneva-on-the-Lake has a 1.5% income tax that is levied on the gross pay of anyone working or residing in the Village at the age of 15 or older. Additionally, there is a Village bedtax of 3% and a County lodging tax of 5% that is levied on the gross rent collected for all transient rentals. The Village of  Geneva-on-the-Lake contracts with Central Collection Agency (CCA) to administer income tax collection.  All residents must register with CCA. The Village administers the collection of their 3% bedtax and the county administers the collection of their 5% lodging tax. 

Central Collection Agency

205 West Saint Clair Avenue,
Cleveland, Ohio 44113-1503
(800) 223-6317
(216) 664-2070

Administrative Assistant/Clerk of Mayor's Court

The Administrative Assistant provides assistance to the Village Mayor, Administration and Department Heads, as needed. The Administrative Assistant’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to creating village forms, public notices, press notices and other correspondence, processing business license applications, transient vendor permits, special event permits and residential rental inspection applications, collecting and processing incoming paperwork and monies for local bedtax, security details, golf cart inspections, temporary RV parking permits, and other miscellaneous permits and payments. The Administrative Assistant is also responsible for creating and maintaining a residential, garbage billing database, as well as providing direct sanitation billing for the Village’s seasonal and year-round residents. The position of Administrative Assistant is under the direction and supervision of the Mayor. 

Our Administrative Assistant is Alicia Boothe. Her office hours are Monday through Wednesday and Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The office is closed to the public on Thursdays. 

Alicia is also our Clerk of Mayor’s Court. 

Please see the Mayor’s Court page for additional information.