Mayor’s Court

Geneva-on-the-Lake Mayor’s Court


We now offer online waiver payments up until the date and time of the scheduled appearance on your ticket! To make payments, please visit

A convenience fee will be charged by Bridge Payments. 

Waiver amounts are only valid until the date and time of your scheduled court appearance. 

Failure to pay the waiver by the court date and time listed on your ticket will result in a required court appearance for the date and time listed on your ticket.


Mayor’s Court is generally held the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at 6:00 PM. 

However, these dates are subject to change.

It is important to be on time, as Mayor’s Court starts promptly at 6:00 PM. 

Sign in is on a first come, first serve basis.

When checking in, please make sure to have proof of insurance if you did not provide it to the officer at the time of your citation.

 The Magistrate that presides over our Mayor’s Court is John D. Lewis.

For questions or waiver information, please contact our Clerk of Mayor’s Court, Alicia M. Boothe, at (440) 466-8197. 


 ??? Frequently Asked Questions ???   

 Question: Where do I pay my waiver?

Answer:  Payments can be made in person, online at, by phone with a credit card (convenience fee will be charged), or mailed to Geneva-on-the-Lake Mayor’s Court, 4929 South Warner Drive, Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio 44041. Please call (440) 466-8197 for correct waiver amounts or visit our current waiver and bond schedule at 2023-33 Increasing and Setting Fine, Waiver & Bond.

 If mailing in your waiver, please remember to sign the back of your blue (traffic) ticket or pink (criminal) summons and mail that in with your payment. Don’t forget to include a copy of your insurance card if you did not previously provide one.

Waiver amounts are only valid until the date and time of your scheduled court appearance. 

Failure to pay the waiver by the court date and time listed on your ticket will result in a required court appearance for the date and time listed on your ticket.

Question: What are your accepted forms of payment?

Answer:  We accept cash, check, money order, and credit/debit cards. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards. All credit/debit card payments will be charged a convenience fee. 

Question: What are my basic rights?

Answer: If you appear in The Village of Geneva~on~the~Lake Mayor’s Court, you should know your basic rights as a defendant in court. They are:     

  • To know the nature of the charge(s) filed against you.       
  • To know the identity of the person making the charge(s) against you.       
  • To see and read the affidavit filed against you.       
  • To have legal counsel represent you. If you cannot afford legal counsel, you may have your case transferred to Western County Court to determine if you are eligible for a Public Defender.       
  • To have a trial by jury where provided by law in the appropriate Municipal Court.       

Question: What are my plea options?

Answer: When your name is called in court, the magistrate will inform you of the nature of the charge.  You will then be required to enter one of the following pleas provided by the laws of Ohio, and will be able to present any information to him at that time:     

  • Guilty- The plea of GUILTY is a complete admission of your guilt.
  • No Contest- The plea of NO CONTEST is not an admission of guilt, but is an admission to the truth of the facts alleged in the information or complaint.  A NO CONTEST plea cannot be used against you in any civil or criminal proceeding.  Upon receiving the plea of NO CONTEST, the Mayor/Magistrate will assess the information on the complaint and if a charge is appropriate, you will be found guilty and sentencing will occur.
  • Not Guilty- The plea of NOT GUILTY is a denial of legal guilt.  Upon the entering of a NOT GUILTY plea, your case will be set for a later pre-trial/trial docket.

Question: What if I am unable to make my payment by my court date?

Answer: If you are unable to make your payment by your court date, you must appear for your scheduled court date. The magistrate will hear your case and then he may or may not establish a payment arrangement for you. If you are granted a payment arrangement, there is an additional fee of $25.00 that will be added to your court fines and costs.

Question: What if I fail to appear for court?

Answer: Failure to appear for court may result in additional fines and costs, your license may be forfeited, a bench warrant may be issued for your arrest, and/or your account may be placed with Capital Recovery Systems Inc., a collection company. 

Question: What if my account has been placed with Capital Recovery Systems Inc., a collection company?

Answer: You must contact them at 1-800-693-6835 to discuss your payment options.

Question: Do you offer community service?

Answer: We do offer community service on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire further with the magistrate during your court appearance.

Question: What if I did not provide proof of insurance?

Answer: A defendant who is charged with a traffic offense shall either present to the police officer at the time of the alleged offense, or to the court at the time of his/her appearance, proof of financial responsibility for the operation of the vehicle at the time the offense occurred. INSURANCE NEEDS TO BE IN EFFECT AT THE TIME AND ON THE DATE OF THE TRAFFIC OFFENSE.  If you do not have proof of financial responsibility, or you did not show it to the police officer or to the court, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) will be notified of failure to provide proof.  The BMV will then send a notice to the address appearing on your driver’s license indicating that a failure to provide proof of financial responsibility within 30 days will result in a 90-day suspension of your license, imposed by the BMV.


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